Photo Gallery





Full team in MFMS 2008
(Top row: Horace, Paul, Zhao, Jackie, Fung, Tang, Marvin)
(Bottom row: Li Lan, Suzie, Eunice, Mabel, Karen (2), mandy, Joey, Alan (myself), Karen (1), Jenny, Eva, GiGi, Brenda)



09/03/2004: Young Engineer of the Year Award 2004


HKIE YMC Annual Dinner 2005

Young Scientist Award 2002


Faculty Award 2005 (Research and Scholarly Activities)


A photo captured in ICCE 14, with Professor Eric Cross

A photo captured with Professor Rolfe Hartley


MIT-PolyU Vehicle Design Summit 2007

Graduation Ceremony for my Students 2006


Summer Gathering with my Students 2007

Outdoor Consultancy Project with my Students


Mini Easter Party


KCRC Project (Sensor installation and measurement - worked overnight)


A Fortune Lady: Mo Mo Chan

Rafting in Switzerland 2005

PolyU 70th Anniversary (with my research students)
(Top-row: Kelvin, Horace, Lester, Alan (myself), Lun, Sindy, Daphne)
(Bottom row: Iris, Karen, Jenny, Carrie, Eva, Eunice)


Gordon Researcg Conference (2013), USA


France Visit with 31 students (03/06/2006 to 10/06/2006)


IMechE Trustee Board, Viisted to Ford (2015)


12 April 2008 IPD Technical Visit (EDU-Science (C.P.) Factory, Dongguan City, China)


Efficiency needs a good team (2015)


Dr. Lau's Project Students Won Diamond, Gold and Merit Awards in PolyU-IDT Innovative Entrepreneur Contest 07/08


Dr. Lau's Project Students Won the Champion of the JEC Engineering Project Award 2008


Group photo with all helpers in the Gala Dinner of "The 1st International Conference on Multifunctional Materials and Structures" 30 July 2008, Hong Kong


Group photo with participants of MFMS 2008


Dinner with invited speakers in MFMS 2008
(Miss Xueting Chang, Prof. Debes Bhattacharyya, Karen Cheung, Alan (myself), Prof. Jag Sankar, Prof. Murray Scott, Mrs. Cisca Scott, Prof. Vijay K. Varadan and Prof. Yoshiharu Morimoto)


Gala Dinner of MFMS 2008


University Grant Committe (UGC) Teaching Excellence Award (2013)


Visit to Toyota Assembly Plant in Melbourne, Australia (August 2008), under a HK$ 1 M industrial-donated project (from Bunhoi Group, Hong Kong)


Graduation Ceremony 2008 (for my students Lester, Sindy and Mabel)


Faculty Outstanding Performance Award and President Award in Teaching 2008
(Liu Tao, Sindy, Mabel, Eunice, Karen, Alan (myself), Jenny and Eva)


Christmas Party 2008 - My Outstanding Research Team


Dinner Talk - Knowledge Sharing Session with the Local Small and Medium Sized Enterprises (SMEs)



An invited lecture in Engineering Week of Hong Kong



Gathering with PAED students (2010)


Engineering Now Conference (2013), with our helpers


Eco_forum at PolyU (2010)


PAED Final Year Project Students (2014)


Airshow at Morocco (2009)


Visited to NASA Glenn Research Centre (2011)


  Risk and Opportunities - Airport Runway Design (2015)


Dinner with PAED graduates (2010)



Dinner with PAED graduates (2011) - A special card was designed and made by the graduates